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What is a low carbohydrate diet? You will do away with bad fats and bad carbs, and begin eating good carbs and good fats. What you should understand is you're really not on a diet, on the other hand, changing the manner you eat. Consuming the wrong kind of food constantly would result to an imbalance in your body. A lot of us has a tendency to overdue eating carbohydrates that are processed. Basically, there are two types of carbohydrates, the simple and the complex carbohydrates. A couple of people call them as good and bad carbohydrates. Here is an explanation why.



Simple carbs - these are foods with refined or simple carbohydrates and usually contain a high-glycemic index and low nutrient content. Click fried cabbage to get more info about Low carb recipes. They are metabolized right away. They go to the bloodstream and they increase blood sugar levels right away, then decrease significantly in a short period of time. So as to keep the body stable and healthy, it is advisable that this kind of food is restricted. Examples of these overprocessed or siple carbs are potatoes, white bread and sugary treats such as cakes, cupcakes, candies, cookies and beverages such as cola products. 


Complex carbohydrates - foods classified under complex carbohydrates has low to moderate glycemic index and has a lot of nutrients. High fiber component in these food would mean the digestion is slower which makes it healthier for us especially if we have food cravings and mood swings. These foods are great choices according to health experts. Examples of complex carbs are whole grains and most vegetables and fruits. Bean family, plants of peas and legumes are also under this category.


What is best? Studies present that low carbohydrate diet is beneficial with weight loss which denotes that the carbohydrates necessitate to be low glycemic type and complex. The key is eating real, whole and unprocessed food that can be found near to nature as much as possible. 


Why does our bodies necessitate carbohydrates? The carbohydrates can cause the body to generate a hormone called as insulin. This hormone is the one responsible for the mobilization of glucose from the food we take into the cells of the body to be utilized as energy. Too much glucose (that is not used or metabolized) is stored as a body fat. 


Years of taking a lot of carbs can cause sensitivity to the hormone insulin. Visit to get more info about Low carb recipes. This can lead  to our bodies needing to generate more insulin to have the job finished. As time goes on, too much production of insulin can cause type II diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol and a lot more. Side effects of insulin overproduction can cause more deposition of fats. 


Eating low carbs that is compatible with the body - all food that you eat gives energy to your body. And your body would burn fuel in this order: carbs, fats, then proteins. As a result, by restricting the carbs you consume, it is entirely natural for your body to have the fats burned next. Your body will start to go inward and begin burning your own fats for fuel. And because of this fat storage in your body, you will not feel hungry and you are able to maintain an even blood sugar level the entire day. Learn more from